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Micro-Current Facials

Single Session-$160

8 or more sessions-$140 a session

Come and experience a 'workout' for your face BUT it will be the easiest and most 

relaxing workout you have ever had!

A microcurrent facial uses very low voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles and shorten or lengthen the muscle fiber that is being stimulated. Lift and tone the muscles of your face while increasing your natural ATP and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin all while being completely painless.  It is commonly referred to the '30 minute facelift' or 'the lunchtime face lift' and there is no downtime.  Enjoy a facial cleanse, microcurrent session and an application of serums and moisturizer for your skins needs.

Microcurrent is so gentle that you almost can not feel anything but warmth as the diodes are used and glided across the skin.  This electrical current mimics the bodies natural electricity and allows for the esthetician to lift the eyebrows, define cheekbones, tighten and firm skin, especially around the eye and jaw/neck area.

For best results: 2 sessions weekly for initial 5 weeks and then 1 session monthly is recommended.

Each session is approx. 45 minutes

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