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Specifically designed products are used to give you results that will put your best face forward!  Browse the many different types of facials that are formulated to meet your unique skin care goals. 


New Client Introductory Facial $65/60min

Enjoy a Just For You Facial for only $65 for your first facial visit. Can only be used once per person.

Just For You Faci al $85/60 min


Highly customized facial with only your skin in mind. From fine lines and wrinkles, to acne or hyperpigmentation, highly saturated products with active ingredients will address your specific skin care needs.


Fast Results Facial $55/30min

If you do not have a lot of time, this facial is for you!  Indulge in a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation and a mask that is designed with your skin in mind.

Signature Spa Facial $70/60mina​

Relax and let your senses be pampered.  Anti-aging products and rich moisturizers leave skin feeling renewed and refreshed.  Enjoy a deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and a hydrating power mask to give your skin the moisture it has been needing.

Firm And Lift Facial

$80/60 min

This treatment is designed to lift and sculpt the face, reducing the appearance of sagging or aging skin immediately.  BioElements Flaxx-C Firming Mask and V-Neck Firming Mask combine to diminish dullness, fine lines and improve poor elasticity.

Total Hydration $75/60min

Hyaluronic acid and anti-aging serums will quench the skin and take your skin on a moisture vacation.  Allows the skin cell to swell and hold more moisture than it normally would so you look refreshed and are ready for whatever the day may bring.  Great for dry skin types!

Just For Teens

$55/45 min

This facial targets unwanted acne and is great for adolescents struggling with problematic skin.  It will purge the skin of excess oil, address redness and inflammation,  and includes a mini skin care lesson.


Zip-Zap Spot Treatment $25/20 min

The quick fix for acne and occasional breakouts.  This high frequency treatment creates an antibacterial environment that helps to heal breakouts and clear unwanted blemishes. 

Luxurious Back Treatment $60/60min

Pamper the most neglected part of your body with a light exfoliating body brushing, pore purifying cleanse and a hydrating mask to help purify the skin and relax the body. Your back will thank you for it!

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